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Descript provides for an easy way to stop specific VBScripts. VBScripts running under either WScript.exe or CScript.exe, the two script hosts in Windows, turn up with just the name of the script host in the task manager and it can be difficult to know which process to kill.


By using this application the scripts are distinguished by the name of the actual script file.


This application works on Windows XP and later only. This application is provided as-is and is free for any use provided that it is not resold or included in any commercial offering.

To install this application:

  1. Extract the application to your disk
  2. Run descript.exe

Right-click on the icon in the notification area (system tray) and select Stop. A list of scripts, if any, is shown. By selecting a script it is terminated. As an alternative, all scripts can be stopped in one operation. The icons to the left of the script names indicates if the script is running under WScript.exe or CScript.exe.