Standard connectors, please!

Over the past ten years I have had a number of mobile phones from a couple of manufactures. In the process I have gathered an impressive (although my wife would tell you otherwise) collection of chargers, sync cables and headphones, most of which are incompatible with each other.

I understand the manufacturers' interest in making easy money on the after-market by flogging substandard equipment at a premium price but I would rather see they made my life easier.

I already have a set of headphones that are better than anything they would ever make me able to connect to their phone. I don't want to spoil a small phone by having to drag along a set of accessories and if I need to charge my phone when I am at a friend's place I want to use whatever charger is available. And I most certainly don't want a dongle that is sure to get lost anyway to connect a standard set of headphones to some proprietary connector.

So please:

  • Use Mini-USB to connect the phone with a computer and make it possible to charge via the same connector
  • Provide a 3.5″ audio connector directly on the phone