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wav2wma – freeware console utility


I provide this Windows console utility that transcodes from WAV files to WMA files. By default it uses the voice codec from Windows Media Audio 9 with a very low bitrate to encode voice content but it is possible to use any other Windows Media Audio codec and with a higher bitrate.

When I tried it after having done the last changes it even turned out to be possible to use mp3 files as input which was not even intentional but might be interesting to know. Do remember, however, that you would in that case be transcoding between two potential lossy formats which is normally not a good thing.

Usage: wav2wma -s source -t target [-c codec] [-b bitrate]
       wav2wma -l

   -s source   Source WAV file
   -t target   Target WMA file
   -c codec    Preferred codec
   -b bitrate  Minimal bitrate [bps]
   -l          List all codecs on the system
   -?          Produces this help


This application is provided free of charge for personal use. If you like it I would appreciate if you would link to my web site (