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Importing certificates on Samsung SGH-i320

As I wrote in a previous article I have recently got a Samsung SGH-i320. One of the first things I wanted to do was of course to set it up for push mail with an Exchange server. As probably just about every company out there has done, we have created our own root certificate which is used to secure the connection to the mail system over the web.

To enable the smartphone to synchronise over the air I did as I always do – I tried to downloade the public root certificate directly from our web site. I then got an error that said that my “security permission was insufficient to update my device”.

The problem stems from the changes to the security model of Windows Mobile 5. Different OEM manufacturers are probably free to control this to some extent because I did not have the same issue with my Qtek 9000 device.

Anyway, to fix this issue the solution is to find an application called RegeditSTG.exe. Allegedly, this is a HTC signed application but it worked fine on my Samsung phone. Search for the application on the net and copy the EXE file to your device and run it from the File Manager.

You will want to change a setting under HKLM\Security\Policies\Policies. The value to change is 00001017. It will probably be set to 128 and it should be changed to 144. Make a note of the old value in case you need to revert the change later on.

When this value was changed I could then install the root certificate, directly over the web or by running the file on the device.

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Thank you very much for your help.

It worked fine to fix the problem on my smart phone (Samsung SGH-i326).

I looked up and found the file I opened that file on my PC and found the file regedit.exe. I then transferred this file to my smart phone and it worked fine.

Thanks again…

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