Using iPod Touch as SqeezeCenter remote

I bought an iPod Touch a couple of months ago on the assumption that it would be an ideal remote control for my SlimServer setup. Unfortunately, there was no theme tailored for the screen size of the iPod Touch (or iPhone for that matter).

With the upgrade to SqueezeCenter, it is possible to add a theme called iPeng that is fantastic for the iPod Touch.


Suddenly, the iPod Touch is every bit the remote control I was hoping it would be. A big thanks to Joerg Schweider, aka Coolio.

2 thoughts on “Using iPod Touch as SqeezeCenter remote”

  1. Have you tried Simplifymedia? It’s a great app, you only need to install a small program in the iPodtoud and in the PC (Linux, mac, o Windows).

    BTW, I will try Squeeze Center.

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