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Uuunboxing the Eee Box

The Eee Box has finally been launched here in Sweden. I have had my eyes on it for some time as I am in dire need of upgrading my old server (mail, web etc) and this looks ideal from a performance/electricity point of view. It also comes at a very good point with the rather recent LTS release of Ubuntu 8.04 – although I will probably go for the bleading edge and run Intrepid Ibex when it is released on October 30th. The Eee Box is only available with Windows here in Sweden but hopefully that will change over time.

Here are some unboxing images:

The box from the outside
The box from an angle
Revealing the Eee Box
The Eee Box
Power and mouse
Stand and mount
Antenna and screws
Manuals and discs
All contents
Eee Box on its stand
Size comparison with iPhone
Rear connectors
Front connectors
BIOS main screen
BIOS advanced screen
BIOS power screen
BIOS boot screen
BIOS tools screen
BIOS exit screen