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Filename encoding problems on Dlink DNS-323

I have had my Dlink NAS DNS-323 since early 2007. It has mostly served me well. Over the months I have put more and more files on it so that it now holds about 350GB of data. Out of fear of losing precious data I have not updated the firmware so I am still on 1.03 from May 2007.

I mounted a shared folder on the DNS-323 from a Ubuntu client and noticed that the Swedish characters were all messed up. First I thought the error was related to how I mounted the drive from Linux, but then I found out that the issue is with the DNS-323 itself and the fact that it uses a non-Unicode character set for the filenames. This should be solvable with the iocharset and the codepage parameters to the mount command in Linux but I couldn’t get it to work.

Later firmwares are said to fix the problem – but only if the drives are totally wiped. I got myself a USB drive sufficiently large to hold everything and copied all the data over using rsync so now I am just about ready to upgrade the firmware and reformat the drives and use some of the plugins on But more on that some other time.

Before I wipe the disks I wanted to make sure that I could rename all the files using Unicode but with some 50,000 files I didn’t want to do it manually. The Linux command iconv can convert between encodings but it works on a file level and I wanted something that only touches the filenames, not the contents of the files.

I found the Perl command convmv which is available through the standard Ubuntu repositories. Just type “apt-get install convmv”. It does the same as iconv but on filename level. Precisely what I needed. I then typed:

#/mnt/wd640gb# convmv -f cp850 -t utf8 -r .

This command shows how files would be renamed, switching from codepage CP850 (the default or DNS-323) to UTF8. Once you are happy with the suggestions, just issue the command again but with the extra switch –notest to actually rename the files.

My only issue now is that convmv only works on filenames, not directories. But at least I have reduced by problem by a factor 30 or something. The directories I can do manually.