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OS X panics when inserting USB memory

Suddenly my Macbook started crashing whenever I inserted a USB memory stick. Not just crashed – it completely froze.


The problem report report listed a module called IOUSBFamily and I had a vague idea that I had changed that some time back for something that had to do with my iPhone.


It turns out the solution to the problem was rather simple. Just log onto Apple Developer Connection and search for IOUSBFamily and whatever version of OS X you are running. In my case I searched for “IOUSBFamily 10.5.6”.

Download the Mac OS X USB Debug Kit file for your version of OS X. The .dmg file will include the kernel extension with logging enabled as well as the standard one. Install the one without “log” in the file name. Then restart your computer. The problem should now be solved.

One reply on “OS X panics when inserting USB memory”

Many thanks for this. It’s been driving me nuts, and I couldnt find out why it was crashing.

This has solved the problem very easily.



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