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Possible uses for the Apple iPad

The Apple iPod was presented on January 27th 2010. What could be possible non-obvious uses for this new type of device?

The genie is out of the bottle. Steve Jobs today presented the brand new Apple iPad and I’m thrilled. The only thing I missed in the presentation was the usual slide: “Available now!”. While I wait patiently I will probably make up all kinds of uses for this device. As if I needed any arguments for getting one.

So what are some possible uses (apart from the obvious ones that was presented by Apple today)? Here is a list to get us started. Please add more suggestions in the comments.

  • Remote control for my living room audio system.
  • Backseat video for my three-year-old when we will do a long-haul drive to France this summer. Here is a market for a device cover manufacturer to step up to the plate.
  • Digital sheet music content holder for piano players. Just scan all the score and add an iPad holder to your piano. Perhaps with voice controlled page flipping.
  • Digital cooking book for the kitchen. Just needs a holder that sticks to the fridge.

Come to think of it I probably need more than one device.

5 replies on “Possible uses for the Apple iPad”

I cant wait for it to be a Music Score tablet where i can store millions of Music scores i download, mark the scores and save it, pages will turn by itself when i play to the end of the page. Waiting for some app that can do all that.

I am interested in ONE app to store ALL music scores JPalt, not a separate app to store different scores, as shown in

I am interested in Musicreader very much, thx Marco for the link.

I am one of the most happiest people that have been waiting for this Apple tablet to come to the store because the first time i heard about i told my friend about it but they were doubting it but now i have to prove them wrong. thank you Apple for not letting me down

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