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Enhancements for Windows Services for Unix

I found Windows Services for Unix by chance but has since got used to having a Unix-like environment on my Windows system, enabling me to more easily work with boxes running Linux.

If you have installed Windows Services for Unix (for a description of how to do it, please read this article) you might have realised that there are only so much you can do with the system out of the box. Many commands you take for granted in a Linux system are not there and some of those which are actually included don't behave quite the way you expect them to function.

Not to worry. The source code for most commands can be downloaded ( is a prime source) and compiled within SFU.

To save you the time to set up an environment with some tools that at least I found more or less necessary I provide a link to a set of scripts at the bottom of this post. The scripts automate the process of building the system by downloading and compiling the following applications:

To install, download the file below to a directory within your SFU installation (e.g. /tmp, normally c:\sfu\tmp from your Windows Explorer), then type the following from a C Shell window:

gunzip SfuPlus.tar.gz
tar -xvf SfuPlus.tar
cd SFU_Plus

The build process will take about 15 minutes on a modern computer. Slower computers may take more than an hour.