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Installing Ubuntu 7.10 on Virtual Server 2005 R2

I was trying to install Ubuntu 7.10 on Virtual Server 2005 R2 and was continuously met by an error saying “your installation CD-ROM couldn’t be mounted”.

Ubuntu CD mounting error

It seems that every time I try to install Ubuntu, I run into problems. Last time it was caused by lack of hardware support in the CPU on my VIA motherboard for some compiled-in feature. That was solved by using “alternate” build. In this case it seems to be a mismatch between my version of Virtual Server and Ubuntu. What worked this time was to use a minimal installation ISO which pulls down the rest of the installation over the network. This still doesn’t make the CD work but I have no use for the CD in this specific installation so that is fine by me.Sidenote: The same version worked flawlessly in VMWare Fusion. Lessons learned?