Hard reset Nokia N82

Do the following to completely wipe your Nokia N82 device.

  • Type *#7370# from the standby screen
  • Enter the lock code (default 12345)

N.B. Don’t forget to backup data in the phone memory. Content on the memory card is not affected by the above.

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Do not forget *#7780#, which restores all .ini-files (phone settings) from ROM but preserves User Data (photos, 3rd party apps etc).

To understand the codes, look at the characters:
*#7370# = *#RES_# (reset, deep)
*#7780# = *#RST_# (reset, normal)
Just like the above codes, also try:
*#MAC_WLAN# (wlan mac)
*#WAR_ANTY# (life timer)
*#BTA_# (bluetooth mac)

Hi ! And do not forget to remove simcard . other wise It will not reset

Hello, I’ve been having a problem with my N82 since yesterday, I’ve tried everything and it still has the problem. Know I want to do the hard reset but the problem is that the phone does not turn on, when I press the on/off button to turn it on it stays on a black screen with all the lights on and the only way to turn the lights off is to take out the battery. I’ve tried press 3+*+green button to turn it but doesn’t work.. What can I do???

Hello Maria, I had faced the same problem as yours and i was said by the Nokia Customer Care that the phone is dead and will replace it. As said they replaced it within 15-20 days. I hope this helps you.

Hi all! I started this blog mainly as a way to document my own work on different private projects. I will try to be more attentative to your questions. Meanwhile, I must say that I do appreciate you all contributing and helping each other out.

To Maria: I agree with Ravi that it sounds like a hardware issue.

To Aparajith Guha: I assume you mean that the lock code has been changed from 12345 and you don’t remember the new code. I haven’t tested it but you may want to search the Internet for THE-NOKIA-UNLOCK. It sounds as if it could help you out.

Good luck to you both!

hey, plz can you help…
i install some applications, their icon after a while just suddenly disappear !!!!!!!!!!!! (when i install more applications)
when i go to the app. manager they are still there!!!! installed !!! but their icon is not here… help plz….

I bought a N82 about a year ago. After a while it got some patches on the screen….like burned pixels…. last month i had the LCD replaced. But now the whole screen is white in colour and I cant see anything.. But there is a puple linear patch starting from the bottom going up with a fade. Can someone help me out. Thanks.

I m using a Nokia N82 and 6630. Both my phone are giving me the same problem, which i have been unable to sort out. There is sufficient memory on both, the phone as well as the memory card, but when i try to send text messages, it says “memory full: close some applications”. I have updated the softwares and also used the reset codes, but to no avail. Any suggestions?

I have found a severe problem. if i press one key in my n82, everytime it automatically showing 3/4 numbers. for example, if I press “5”, it shows “7519”….i dont think it’s a hardware prob. becoz, this thing is happening for all the keys except 2,8,*,#
what can I do? i can’t enter into the phone becoz i locked it with ADL device lock and now I can’t use the passcode becoz of this random key pressings. plz help me. my email ID

Will anybody mention that resetting requires the PHONE LOCK CODE, and this is the thing what we are looking for.


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