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No wireless on Acer Aspire One using OneLinux

Acer Aspire One is a cool little device but out of the box it is somewhat crippled. I have tried to install the standard Ubuntu and Xubuntu 8.4.1 distributions with the help from the information on the Ubuntu community pages. For some reason, the system started behaving erratically – the trackpad worked only intermittently, the computer could sometimes appear to hang for a few seconds etc. I then restored the system using the CD that came with it and noticed that everything was working as normal. Clearly, all my problems were software related.

I started looking for an alternative OS and found OneLinux, a distribution based on Ubuntu specifically targeted for the Acer Aspire One. Perfect! Only problem is that the wireless network doesn’t work. The hardware driver dialog shows the following (my AAO model is 110-Ab, using an Atheros AR5BXB63):

OneLinux beta 1 wireless hardware issue

While I am writing this I am downloading (all too slowly) the updated beta of OneLinux. Hopefully it will correct the wireless issue. Stay tuned.