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Finally, an update to EOS 5D

Today Canon released the upgrade to the 5D model. Finally! And after all the rumours regarding the name it was as unrevolutionary as ever – EOS 5D Mk II. Who would have guessed?

Canon EOS 5D Mk II pre-release photo

So is it any good? Actually, my first reaction was – so so. The resolution is a great step forward sure – but who really needs 21 MP? What I do like is the increased sensitivity and I hope that it is as good as they say. Another nice thing I found in the specification is the support for micro adjustments of the AF – a problem I have had with my 20D which focuses slightly behind the subject.

One thing I could do without is the live view and the video option. Sounds like a nice-to-have feature that I would use very seldom, if ever. With the 12 minute limit on recorded video (which sounds like it comes from the 4GB limitation on FAT32) I will still carry along my Canon HV10 if I want to record video.

What I would like to have seen is:

  • Built-in GPS. I mean, come on Canon, GPS chipsets are dirt cheap and take no place at all these days.
  • Built-in WiFi to be able to trickle-sync the Images to my Aperture library without the need to physically connect the camera.
  • Bluetooth remote control compatible with any standard phone or computer.

The real problem is that with the image quality at this level I find it difficult to understand why I would upgrade again in the foreseeable future. A resolution of 21 MP craves good glass and until I have filled my bag with even more L optics I don’t think I can justify another camera. Due to that the lack of GPS and WiFi is really troubling because I know that I will have to live without it for quite some time.

So will I buy the 5D Mk II? Yeah, probably.