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Saving a clip from YouTube

It’s gearing up to be a very nice spring for all die-hard fans of Depeche Mode. There are clips on YouTube of their next single – Wrong – and it totally rocks!


So, how to get this onto my iPhone to be able to pass the time until April 20th when their next album “Sounds of the Universe” is to be released?

It turns out it to be quite easy. There are a number of Firefox add-ons that claim to be able to download content from YouTube. I imagine YouTube isn’t too happy about people downloading content and keep trying to shut down options to circumvent it. I found that the add-in “Fast Video Download” did wonders. The add-on adds the icon in the bottom-right corner of Firefox in the screenshot above.


The output from the add-on is the Flash video file with a .flv extension. This then needs to be converted to avi format. Now there are many applications that claim to do this and they all charge around $30-40. iSquint does a terrific job and it is for free. The applications has actually been discontinued but it is still available for download.

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